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B2B technology content marketing services

Crystal brings a breadth of experience working with a variety of technology solution providers, managed services providers, publishing companies, and agencies to meet their content marketing goals.
Content Inventory & Audit

Content marketing efforts are often ad hoc, particularly at tech startups. The blog gets updated semi-regularly, white papers are written when the sales funnel runs dry, and assets are reused across different platforms.

Before you dive into an elaborate content marketing strategy, a Content Inventory and Audit performed by Crystal can help you understand where you are today and increase the ROI of both existing and future content.   

Content Strategy

Most B2B technology companies understand the need for a content marketing program. The issue is knowing where to start.

A content marketing strategy serves as a framework for your efforts, ensuring that you’re investing your (limited) resources developing the right type of content about the right topic for the right persona. A Content Strategy developed by Crystal helps ensure that your content marketing program delivers value to your prospects and effectively meets business goals.

Virtual Content Marketing Manager

Content marketing involves a lot of moving parts. Without someone overseeing content production and promotion, companies fail to realize the full return on their content investment or -- worse -- the content never sees the light of day.

As a Virtual Content Marketing Manager, Crystal manages your content marketing program, ensuring that your thought leadership gets the exposure it deserves and that your digital properties are updated on a regular basis.


Content Writing

Content marketing is an ongoing effort. Technology companies need to engage IT buyers with a steady stream of blog posts, white papers, case studies, videos, webcasts, etc. Producing content consistently is a challenge for startups, but even fully staffed marketing teams find themselves short-handed.


Crystal's knowledge of technology and sharp interviewing skills enable her to deliver well-written, engaging content with short turnaround times.

Content Marketing Workshops

Every single person in your company has the ability to support your content marketing efforts. Building a content culture starts with education.

Crystal delivers custom Content Marketing Workshops that address specific audiences to show them how content marketing benefits them and how they can help the company achieve its business goals.


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