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  • Crystal Bedell

IT services firms should ramp up content production in light of security, cloud skills shortages

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Digital transformation is top of mind in 2019, but IT organizations will likely need third-party assistance to achieve their goals. Content marketers for IT services providers and professional services organizations should take heed.

IT services provider TEKsystems surveyed IT leaders (CIOs, IT vice presidents, IT directors, and IT hiring managers) across every major industry on their top technology initiatives for 2019.

Top technology initiatives in 2019

Survey respondents reported that they will be in the implementation or planning phase for the following initiatives:

· Security (90%)

· Cloud-related (84%)

· Data/analytics (78%)

· DevOps (72%)

Nothing much of a surprise there. What is noteworthy, however, is that these top initiatives are also the most difficult skills to hire for.

IT skills shortages

In order of difficulty, TEKsystems identifies the following as the most difficult-to-find skills:

· DevOps

· Security

· Data analytics

· Cloud

This is good news for IT services, managed services, and professional services organizations. The survey results back this up: 52% of IT leaders expect their organization’s spending on managed/project or SOW IT services to increase, and 35% expect spending on outsourced IT services to increase.

Take-aways for content marketers

As a content marketer, consider the following as you plan your content this year:

· Ease-of-use will continue to be an important factor when IT organizations evaluate new technologies and third-party partnerships

· The skills shortage is a very real problem that can be a roadblock to a company’s digital transformation. How can your company help?

· What’s at risk if a company can’t achieve their top initiatives? How can you help ensure their success?

· Can you quantify the cost of hiring for the skills identified above versus the cost of outsourcing the initiatives to your firm? (Consider employee attrition and the need to rehire for these positions.)

· What other value adds does your organization deliver versus hiring a full-time employee?

Bottom line: prepare to engage with IT buyers early about your firm's service offerings and have content ready to nurture leads throughout the sales pipeline, whether they're looking to procure a technology solution or services specifically.

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