About Crystal

A lot has changed in technology—and content marketing—since 2000, when Crystal began her career as a tech writer and marketer.


One thing, however, remains the same: the need for well-written, quality content. While B2B tech and content marketing continue to evolve, professional writing remains key to business success.

Content Marketing Services

Content marketing is not one-size-fits-all. Best practices that work for B2C don’t work for the B2B tech industry. Furthermore, every company is at a different point in their content marketing maturity.


Crystal can meet you where you are, working within your budget and timelines to meet your content marketing goals.




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One of the biggest challenges B2B tech marketers face is time. There aren't enough hours in the day to complete the myriad tasks necessary to execute a holistic content marketing strategy. And the most time-consuming task also happens to be the most important: writing content.

Return on investment study: Analytics technology

B2B tech marketers, take note: a third-party ROI study of analytics technology validates the return on investment and benefits of adopting an analytics solution.

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